A4 CR- I Am Sam Paragraphs

I edited the first three paragraphs.

1.Music in movies add a lot of effects and adds to the tone of the film. The music in I Am Sam is very unique. It really adds to the mood and the tone of the story and it is a lot different from other movies and is ideally placed. It sometimes matches the movements and what’s going on. For me it got me more involved into the movie. For example, in the courtroom, when Lucy was getting taken away, the music really fit well and definitely made it a lot better.


2.Dynamic characters are an important part in movies and stories. There are quite a few dynamic characters in this story, Sam being one of them. In the beginning Sam tries to raise Lucy on his own, but in the end, he realises that he can’t do it on his own. Another dynamic character is Rita, his lawyer. At the beginning of the movie, she takes Sam’s court case just to prove to her friends that she does pro bono. But by the end of the film she is glad she took the court case, since it really affected her.


3.Parallel means the same or very, very similar. In the movie I am Sam, his lawyer’s life parallels his. They both cannot control their emotions, and get furious when they don’t get what they want, because of this, Rita, gets involved in this case and tries to help Sam. Rita is used to winning all of the time, so when they don’t win the first court case, she gets really upset. She also gets upset when her son won’t listen to her.


4.The way the movie is set-up is quite unique. It is told in three different acts, and this separates the film. The first act is when Sam first has Lucy, and when she is born. The next act is when the court has decided to remove Lucy from home, and he no longer has her. The third and final act is when he finally gets along with the foster parents and gets Lucy back.
5.Camera angles in movies can change the mood a lot. In I Am Sam, the camera angles are a lot different from most movies. The camera is usually never centred, and pretty much all the time is moving. I like the camera angles in this film because it gives it a sense of realness, like you’re actually there. It also adds to the mood, and example being when he was making coffee, the camera was really frantic and had a lot of movement. It would also zoom in and out in some scenes, adding tension.


6.Sam has a disability, and a mental capacity of a seven-year-old, so he doesn’t understand most things. But there are a lot of times in the movie that he proves to be a lot more insightful than most mature characters. For example, in the courtroom, Sam explains that he doesn’t need to be smart, as long as he is there for her and can be a proper dad, that’s all you need. He doesn’t have to be that smart. Sam knows what is right and what is wrong, proving to be a lot more insightful than others.








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