A4 CC- Character Alphabet

This is a character alphabet for the character Rita in the movie I Am Sam.

A is for arguments with her son.
B is for trying to Bond with her son.
C is for her Court cases.
D is for Don’t give up.
E is for should be an Easy case.
F is for Fighting for Sam.
G is for Growth with her son.
H is for Harsh with Sam at times.
I is for Ignored, by her son.
J is for Joy when Lucy is able to be with Sam
K is for Keep fighting.
L is for Losing is something she rarely does
M is for the Majority of people are against them.
N is for the Numerous amounts of court cases she has won.
O is for Sam’s Only hope in getting Lucy back.
P is for Pro bono.
Q is for never Quitting or giving up.
R is for the Right thing.
S is for Several court cases.
T is for Temper. Her very short temper.
U is for Unhappy with the relationship with her son.
V is for the feel of Victory.
W is for Willy her son, who doesn’t really listen.
X is for her hair, which is Xanthoses.
Y is for Yelling.
Z is for Zero chill.