CC A5 The Village

The Village is a horror genre movie, brilliantly directed by M. Night Shyamalan. This film used really well thought out camera angles, and lighting to keep watchers intrigued. A lot of the movie is based off of your own inferencing.

This film uses very unique techniques with both its visual and audio in the movie. They use camera angles very effectively, such as zooming out of a shot to add suspense. Using angles like this, makes you infer what happened; this happens a lot throughout the movie.

The director, didn’t go for blood and guts in the film, but instead used camera angles to create uneasy scenes, and a little bit of mystery for viewers. It makes the film a lot more suspenseful. Using camera angles like this create eerie scenes, where the viewers need to infer what happened with their imagination.

Viewers who like suspense, inferring about the plot, making connections, and who enjoy piecing together plot lines would love this film. This movie has a lot of mystery around the plot, and what is actually going on. It also makes you make connections between events to piece it together.

Compared to movies the director has previously directed, The Village was quite low. I personally enjoyed most of the film and how it was directed. It had great use of camera angles and was directed really well and suspenseful. However, I didn’t find it too exciting, thrilling, or even that creepy; so overall I would rate it at a 4.5 out of 10.


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