B7-Student Responses

Logan O. KHS December 10, 2013 · 11:32 am
I don’t really consider anyone my hero but I know about plenty of people who have positively and tremendously changed the world. Nelson Mandela was one of them. I know he was a friend to many and a hero to many more, and he will be missed. I am ashamed that the only time and reason I learned about him was because he died. He was one of the closest things to what I consider people’s hero.

My Response

Hey Logan! If you don’t consider anyone your hero that’s okay, I don’t know if I would either. In our modern day and age it can be a little difficult to choose a hero, but if I had to choose I would probably say that our military forces are my heroes.

Not knowing Nelson Mandela isn’t anything you should be ashamed about, a lot of people probably didn’t know who he was either. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t know who he was, but what he did is what’s important.



“my hero is not very much known through the world or many may not know her by name but she is the person i look up to as a hero. she is my older cousin and she has helped me through half of my life. she is a great influence and has taught me how to become a young lady”

The world may not know who she is, or even her name, but that doesn’t matter. You know her, and look up to her dearly. She might not be a hero to anyone else, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be yours. It’s great that you look up to someone in your family, someone you personally know and as you said; has really helped you. What or who a hero is varies greatly with anybody you ask, and a hero can be anybody. Someone you look up to, someone who’s greatly influenced your life, or someone who’s just always there, can all be heroes.

Your older cousin is your hero, unique to you. She may not even know it. Your cousin has shaped your future, as you may do the same with a younger cousin or even stranger. You may already be a huge influence or a hero to someone and you might not even know it. You never really know how much of a hero you are to other people.