A2 CC Video Proposal

I am writing a video proposal on the poem Frankenstein by Edward Field. I think that a good place for the location would be in a field somewhere. Somewhere where there is a few farms, and machinery. It would be during the night, to add to the tone and mood. For the lighting it would be a dark, soft light. I would use as natural light as possible, but if need be then darker fake lighting. With the darker lighting it adds suspense and mood to the video. There would also be light sources such as the torches, and some lanterns.

For the props in this video, there would be pitch forks and torches for the angry mob. There would be hay bales scattered around the fields, and broken down machinery or abandoned houses. In the Old Man’s house, there would be old, dusty books, bread, wine bottles, old tables and chairs, and some rusty nails laying around. For costumes the angry mob would be wearing old raggedy clothing. The monster would have torn clothing, and boots, with metal rods sticking out of his head. The Old Man would have older clothing, not ripped or torn, but dirty.

There would be a lot of different actors for this film. For the mob of people, there would be middle aged to older people, with a mixture of male and female. For the Old Man there would be a short older male, with almost a hunchback. The monster would be a taller, more buff person. For makeup, the monster would have green facial makeup, and a scar on his forehead. The mob of people would have dirty makeup, such as dirt on their faces.

For sound effects and music, there would be a variety of different sounds. For music, there would be eerie, suspenseful music, and intense music at other times. Sound effects would include things such as screaming, sharpening of pitchforks, footsteps, stomps, different types of chants, and rustling of the fields. At the Old Man’s house however, there would be sounds such as chewing, floorboards creaking, and chairs sliding around.

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